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Working with Seth and Kimberly is beyond a joy. They bring a high level of energy, creativity and heart to everything that they do and it is out of this world infectious. They are natural born leaders that are determined to deliver their very best to those ready to win!

Jen Johnson

Business Coach / Entrepreneur / Trainer

Kim and Seth are an absolute joy to work with! They are true supportive leaders who genuinely care about those they work with. I have watch them learn and grow at an incredible pace and love watching them in action.

Erin Birch

Business coach/Trainer

I have been working with my friends and mentors Kimberly and Seth Francis since June. They have helped me not only completely transform my business, the way I market online but also my personal life. I went from being a complete spammer, targeting all the wrong people and barely keeping my business together because life was getting the best of me to learning how to market correctly, building a sustainable business and most importantly finding me again in life. I can’t say it enough Kimberly and Seth truly are one in a million and the best investment you can make if you are serious about building a sustainable business in network marketing.

Sherri Marie

Network Marketer, Entrepreneur

Working with Kim and Seth has been so beneficial for my business. Since they started coaching me I’ve seen my sales and recruiting percentages increase. Their trainings are easy to understand and duplicate. Whether you are brand new to the industry or are looking to kick your business into high gear, they will help you reach your goals.

Katie Umbenhauer

Home Based Business Owner

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What does Freedom mean to you? For us it means more time with our family, more Time to Travel and more time to live life to the fullest!

FREEDOM BEGINS WITH VISION: Develop your vision and it will pull you along until you develop the skills to push you to your vision

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