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1 : You Must Have A Simple System In Place

Three Tips On Building A Great Network Marketing Team

Every day, new distributors will join your business that have more than likely never been a part of Network Marketing before.  These new distributors will be absolutely clueless as to the ins and outs of earning income with your company let alone how everything works.

When a new distributor joins there are two things occurring :

  1.  Their level of excitement is very high.
  2. Their level of anxiety is even higher.

In an effort to keep your new distributors from contributing to the network marketing graveyard, you are going to have to have a simple system that does the following.

  1. It welcomes them to the company.
  2. It provides them with the necessary training to earn their first $100 – $500 as quickly as possible.
  3. It teaches them how to enroll new distributors and customers.

2. Weekly Training Calls

Three Tips On Building A Great Network Marketing Team

As much as we would love to hope that everything we have taught our distributors is being taught and understand by every person who joins anywhere in your downline, we have to be wise enough to know and remember, that people tend to only recall 10% of what they hear.  With that being said, on a weekly basis there must be a live training call for all of your team members to plug into that will teach them :

  • foundational concepts of building the business they are in
  • understanding network marketing
  • advanced business building strategies

Also make sure that these calls are recorded and available for replay.

This is especially is important as you build internationally.  You will not be able to sit in the living rooms everyday of your international team members, but if they are able to plug into weekly training calls by the team then  you will be able to reach their area and have access to thousands of new distributors.

We must remember how we felt on day 1 of our Network Marketing businesses and give our team the support and training that we needed and wanted when we got started.

3. Weekly Opportunity Calls

Three Tips On Building A Great Network Marketing Team

Traditionally, home parties have been where most Network Marketing companies gained momentum and in my opinion that is still the case today.  However, if you are going to grow a business beyond your backyard, weekly opportunity calls must be incorporated into your system.

The thing I love about opportunity calls is that no matter where you live – city, state or country – at a certain time of the day or night thousands of people can dial into a conference call bridge with a muted professional line and heard a 25-30 minute live presentation.

Think about it, on a Monday evening you and your entire team can promote a call taking place at 7pm, and you can have prospects dialing in from California to Texas to Canada to France.  They will all hear the exact same information and get back with the person that invited them onto the line.

And in ONE day, in ONE hour, your business can expand from your hometown of 5 people to a world wide business, from just ONE OPPORTUNITY CALL!


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