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Personal Development

Remember back when you were starting out your Network Marketing business. You went to a meeting and listened to a successful leader in that company talk to you and oth
ers about the products and how you can create a business out of it. You got excited and said you “IN”. I’m doing this!

Not only were you going to use the great products but decided to start a business with it.  “This will be great!, I can use and sell these products and make some money!”  Well, the company and your upline told you just totally to you friends and family and you would be all set.  Well, kinda! The truth is in order to be successful in Direct sales you need to work on your self. This business isn’t just about selling things. It is about helping people. Help them with there problems and provide them with solutions. This is where personal development comes it. You need to work on your self before you can turn around and help someone else. Here are 3 reasons why personal development is so important for your business.

  1. When growing a massive international organization of people where 85% of them have no Network Marketing experience, you’ll need CDs, DVDs and Books to recommend out so they can learn how to operate in the industry without always needing to speak with you. If everyone in your organization listens to Building Your Network Marketing Business by Jim Rohn, then you are going to have an organization of people that are not only learning about their product, service or company, but the entire industry and how it all works.
  2. One of the major goals of working in Network Marketing is having amassed a stream of income that continues to come into your household, even when you are not working the business, right? Well, in order for individuals on your team to keep recruiting and developing their teams, you will need to develop leaders that know how to lead their teams. So if you have read the books and attended the seminars, then guess what? More than likely the individuals you are developing  will be present as well, becoming effective leaders.
  3. You’re going to have to work with people you don’t particularly like, and having read the books and listened to the CDs you’ll be able to differentiate between a conflict that can be resolved and a person that just likes to stir things up. Either way, personal development will help you be able to work with difficult people, without you having to be hauled off to jail with assault charges. Sounds funny… and I mean this is a funny way, but you know exactly what I mean.yes

Here are 6 books that I highly recommend:

  1. Building Your Network Marketing Business by Jim Rohn
  2. The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader by John C. Maxwell
  3. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell
  4. The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork by John C. Maxwell
  5. How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  6. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


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