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Great post I had to share my Steve Krivda. Steve is a great speaker on the subject of  how to create your VISION and WHY!

Have you ever gone to take action and felt something stop you in your tracks?
Sometimes, it can be powerful enough to take you out of your chair or even have you change directions in your walk.

You want to pinpoint what it’s all about but can’t quite put it into words.

I get it. Everyone has past experiences, circumstances and situations that we must deal with.

All we know is our subconscious is telling us to “Stop What You’re Doing”

There are those that say that the Past Doesn’t Matter. How can this be, when it’s so real inside?

The voices in our head can be so loud, looking for reasons why things won’t change.

Whether out loud, consciously or subconsciously, they all feel real.

“I’ve tried that before and failed”

“I grew a team and they all quit”

“I’ve had a bad experience in the industry, my last company and/or my upline”

And of course, the feelings and the emotions of rejection and being told that you’re crazy by the ones that you love.

Now that was all brought up, what do we do about it?

Most are quick to tell you to just leave it in the past and move on.

That’s easier said than done as you know.

In the Video Below, we discuss and understand where this fear and anxiety may come from, identify it and how we can move into the future of your greatness.

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