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Turn strangers into your Warm Market!How long have you been in network marketing? I made the decision to get into this great profession about 1.5 years ago. It started off great, but after a month or so things really tailed off. I started struggling finding people outside of my friends and family. Otherwise known as your Warm Market. So where do most new business owners turn to once hey have exhausted their warm market? The Internet! But most new entrepreneurs find it difficult to get their heads above water of all the other people on the Internet trying to accomplish the same goal! “To be Noticed”

Today’s post will help you with that problem. Give you a few simple tips. Help you get new subscribers, email leads and followers. Essentially turning them into your new Digital ‘Warm Market’. Social media is great in that followers actually begin to know you, what you look like and can relate to you and who you are. Extending your warm market and creating long-standing teammates and a loyal audience is the key to lasting for the long haul in this business. So now on to the TIPS!


Tip #1 BE YOURSELF! How many times have you heard, just follow these scripts, tell them what they want to hear, ETC. Well, that is just some of the bad advice that is floating around the Internet. The problem is when you are first getting your feet wet in this business you don’t know where to turn. So, unfortunately there are predators out there who have to take advantage. The best things you can do is be yourself, be transparent and open your world up to everyone. Talk the way you talk, share your thoughts.. In essence, “Be Your Self!”smiling lady
Tip #2 “Respond and Reply” How many times while your surfing the internet you come across a web page and you click a link and it just goes to a sales page. This is OK, but only after a real connection has been made or you are directed to that page. The Internet is filled with marketers who never respond or rely to comments, questions, ETC. All they care about is getting you to open up your wallet and buy what they have. The business of Network Marketing is all about “NETWORKING” Getting to know people, connecting with them, learning about them and their needs.. Not just taking their money! So, make sure on Social Media, email or what ever that you respond and reply to your audience’s comments and questions. You will be amazed at how they respond and let you know how appreciative they because of your small gesture!


Tip #3 “Have Their Best Interest in Mind” This tip is huge!! People can feel when all you want to do is sell them something. For example: Have you ever gone to buy a car. You pull up on the lot. Find the cars you want to look at. Get out of your car and by the time you start peering into the first car, you look up and what do you see? The salesman walking with a hustle to his step. You think to yourself: “All I want to do is look for a few minutes” They ask you “Do you like what you see?” You instantly get resistant and say “I’m just browsing” Hoping they will leave you alone! Why do we react this way? Well, we don’t like to be sold to. It puts up an instant wall. Let your audience come to you. People want to genuinely know you’re looking out for their best interest, and it’s not enough for you to tell them that. Those are the intentions you must truly focus on!


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