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Are you on Twitter or Instagram? If you not you really should be!


Get Twitter here: Create Account                   Get Instagram here: Create account

Both formats are tremendous avenues for reaching out to people you don’t know
and also to attract people to your profile. As you gain followers in each you have the potential of
bring those individuals in as prospects for you primary business.

Both have the ability to be able to get your post/pictures in front of 1000’s of people. This is provided that you are able to provide value in to each market. Both of which have their own set of rule and what you can do with them. For example: Twitter moves very quickly and has a limited amount of characters you can use in your posts AKA Tweets. However, any links that you put in the Tweet are clickable.


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On the other spectrum is Instagram.

Instagram was designed as a photo/video-sharing site. Keep in mind that the videos are limited to 15 secs. 42a69ee43e6863170789340385dc0248
Basically you post a picture or video to your account, write some text and place some
hash tags (so people can find your stuff) in your posts. People have the ability to like, comment or send you a direct message.

Unfortunately, unlike Twitter where you can ReTweet, there is no option to be able to share someone else’s post or picture.
However, a post can kinda be shared with someone else by writing a comment on a post with their @account name.
They will then get a notification of the comment.
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Whichever avenue you take? Either Twitter or Instagram will help you obtain the leads you want for your business.
Which we all know is the lifeblood of your Network Marketing business.




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