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This question comes up all the time? Should I go to company events even if I don’t have a team?

The short answer is YES!!!  What better place to go if you don’t have a team or are new to your company. Where else are you going to be around other people who are just as passionate about the
same interests.!! My Answer is YES!!

Now if you were is school and getting straight As would you seek out the help of a tutor?

Or would you go looking for help if you strived to get those As but were having difficulty doing so? I would think the later. If you want an A, and you can’t do it on your own you go and get a tutor to help you.

Well, the same is for the big company event.


What better place to go and learn everything you need to in order to build your business and team.
The reasons why you don’t have a team is because of the lack of skill (only 10%) and a lack of belief (90%).
You current results are based on your belief and work ethic.

How do you change this?  You go the your companies event. There you will learn the skills and the
belief you need. You will hear amazing stories from people who are worse off then you, who are now
being successful. This gets your mind going. Gets those ideas flowing and puts you in the correct
state of mind.

This truth is: Big Decisions are made at Big Events!

By going to the event you will become a role model for your team. You will be able to share the stories
you have heard and the skills you have learned. You will be able to lead them by example and share your
dedication and mindset with your team. Then you can show them the value of attending your companies
big event.


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