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So, I have been getting a bunch of questions about this. How to get people to like you!

Well, There is a keyword I want you to think about!  The word is “LISTEN” People go around everyday and feel like they are just not listened to at all. Not by their spouse, their children, co-workers or even their bosses. This is great for you as a network marketer since we are in the business of helping people. That is helping people through listening. I am going to talk about a couple of ways to get people to like you.

So, Open up your ears and start listening!!

One sure way to get people to not like you is to be a show off. When you first meet someone do you start to ramble off all of your accomplishements trying to impress whom ever your speaking to. Notice I said “Speaking to”  If you are rattling off all of your accomplishments, all the things you have done and why they should be doing it, then you are just being an egomaniac! People want to have conversations, be listened to.  Instead ask them questions. Talk about them. This is a great way to find out what someone else is thinking, What they are about! This is very simple to do, and hardly anyone does it!

Solve problems!  How do we do this? Through our marketing and by creating content which solves problems, such as blog posts, articles etc. However, if you are face to face with someone and they are talking about a problem they have don’t jump right in to try and solve that problem. Most likely they are looking for you to open you ears and listen so they can vent about what ever it is they are concerned with. Yes, it is human nature to try to step in and solve someone’s problem but there is a adverse effect to this.  You will instantly have a wall put up between you and them, especially if you do this all the time. People intact will do everything they can to avoid you. Most people don’t want their problem solved for them.

When talking to someone who is expressing a problem, take a step back and listen!!

It is OK to think to yourself  “How can I solve this problem Jane is having?” but unless they ask, don’t try to just solve their problem.  This applies online as well. When you first meet someone online or are trying to attract people to engage with you, the worse thing you can do is send a link to your product, business or opportunity. Unless of course, they ask or give you permission to send them a link. If you do, it will be a sure fire way to send them in the opposite direction, even if they were interested.

Here is a way to approach someone with a problem, which you may have a solution for. But first this is what not to say!

“This is what you need to do! – What is wrong with this statement? If puts that instant wall of resistance up!  Why? Because you are not listening to them and they did not invite or ask you for a solution. Plus, if you do this overtime they ask they will stop telling you anything or go the other way when they see you coming.

A better way to do this would be. After listening to them tell you what is going on is to say “Gotcha, I hear what you’re saying.

I don’t know if your open to it or not, but I may have a suggestion for you.”

Think about the difference. One is pressing a suggestion or solution upon someone and the other is letting them make the decision whether or not to ALLOW you to help them out.


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