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So, you started your network marketing business. Your all excited and your immediately pick up the phone, call everyone you know. Your family, friends and co-workers, you tell them everything about your amazing new business and how wonderful it is.

You have a few sign up and that makes you even more excited!!!! Until!!!

Until, you have spoken to everyone you know. Now what are you supposed to do? You want you business to grow and bring in
some extra cash, but you can not with out more people to speak to. Here are some tips to help you reach out to those people you have never ever met!

Some Keys to Cold Market Prospecting

1. Say less to more people. Stop trying to enroll people on the spot and take a more step-by-step approach. You need to build a rapport with people first. You can’t just go out and pitch them right away. You need to connect with them. Talk to them, and Listen to them!! This is very, very important. If you try to recruit them right away and pitch them they will put up a defense. People don’t like to be pitched or sold to.

2. Don’t put up with their crap. You will most likely not see them again so if they get negative or nasty, thank them for their time and wish them the best. (By the way, you shouldn’t take crap from your friends or family members either.) People who are not interested in your business, product or opportunity are just that. They are not open to it. If they are being negative, just move on to the next person. You don’t want to work with a person like that anyway!!

3. Don’t be weird. Remember that you too are a member of the human race and have been in communication with other human beings your entire life. Don’t all of a sudden get weird when you are cold market prospecting. Be natural and talk to them the way you would talk to them if you DIDN’T have an opportunity to approach them with. Basically be natural. People can sense when you are being fake or acting! They respond to people who are being themselves. Remember that you are there to help and not just recruit them.

Cold Market Prospecting can be more daunting then Warm Market. Both of which can be very scary. But here is the thing. If you are not yourself, to salesy and to pushy your prospect will not be interested put up that defensive wall.  Learning how to speak to you prospect is key. Listen in on a great network marketer does it as he lays out his playbook on prospecting.


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