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Prospecting vs Marketing
What is the difference between Prospecting
and Marketing!
Do you know the difference?

Well, I am going to tell you.  The companies

we represent tell you to prospect. Make your
list and go out and talk to everyone you know.
They, the company, tells you that everyone you
talk to will join you and sign up.  It is that simple. Well is it?

See prospecting is going out and communicating
with as many people as possible to find out who is
open to hearing about your product, service or
You have to meet someone and find out if
they are interested in what you have to offer.
But how do you do this?  Well, you speak to them.
Ask them questions. Listen to what they have to say,
without presenting or pitching your company and or
products. Until they ask for the information.
A common mistake done by people who are
new in this industry is to lead with the products
first without finding out anything about who they are
speaking to or to first see if they have any interest
at all.
Essentially, prospecting is you actively trying to
find people to speak to and present your
business too.
What is Marketing?
Marketing is the act of putting good valuable
content out that leads to a way that people
can fill out a form (Capture Page) that provides
you with their information. Usually, their Name, Email
and hopefully a phone number.
They have essentially raised their hand and are asking you
for more information about your product, service or
opportunity.  With this information you then contact
them to give them more information or set up an appointment
to present you products to.
You putting information out in places where people you
don’t know can find it and actively give you their info before
you actually know who they are.
Can you do one or the other?
Well you have to do both. You need to be actively be
Prospecting and Actively Marketing in order to be able
to speak with as many people as possible about what you offering.
Using both of these will help you succeed in your business no matter
if it is online, offline or both.

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