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In todays blog post we are going to talk about why people have so much trouble sponsoring other people in network marketing and go over some of the common mistakes which people make everyday when talking to prospects.

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This is one of the biggest problems most Network Marketers face. They have trouble actually sponsoring people into their business or opportunity. They are all gung ho in the beginning about what they are doing. Frankly, most people are very excited about anything they first start doing.

But why are they failing? Why are they struggling?

Well there are a several reasons why?

Who are you talking to?

That’s right who are you talking to? Is it your prospect or yourself?

You see, people are failing in this business because they are failing to focus on the needs, wants, desires or problems of their prospects! Otherwise your just talking to yourself.

It is actually that simple!

Here are the most common mistakes most network marketers are doing:

  • They are saying too much!
  • They are asking to few Questions!
  • They think it is about their product knowledge.
    Your product knowledge has absolutely no baring on your ability to sponsor someone.

Does getting more leads? (If you want more go here) Lead does not even matter until you get one thing! Even if you bought 10,000+ leads you will still struggle with out this key thing.

  • “If you don’t realize that your job isn’t to sell them”
  • “You are here to help them”

You don’t know your prospect, because you don’t know their needs, wants and desires! If you ask questions and listen to them you will begin to understand them!

Do you make excuses like: “My people don’t have any money”

“My people aren’t open”! Well, here is why. You don’t know them and you didn’t ask them. You need to ask questions and listen to learn about the person you are speaking to and you need to ask them if they want to get started. If you never ask, you can never sign up anyone. Period!!

Now, here is a tip. People who tell you they don’t have the money are lying to you. They will always find the money for something that they want or desire. Doesn’t matter what it is. If they have no money, but they all ways seem to find a way to get the latest and greatest cell phone.. You see.. it is about desire.. if they don’t want to go with you, it is because you didn’t listen or ask the right questions. It isn’t your products or company.

Now, if you start a conversation with someone do you lead off by glorifying your products or service, hype up how great and spectacular the compensation plan is.

Please stop! None of it matters!!

Products and compensation plans have no soul or value to your prospect. Especially if you don’t know your prospects needs, wants and desires. Focusing on products doesn’t retain people. You need to focus on them. Let your company focus on the products. Use the products and compensation plan as an avenue to fill those wants and desires.

If you want to retain, you need to take the hard road and focus on peoples NEEDS, WANTS AND DESIRES!

This is hard!!!


In the below video I share exactly what to talk about to attract people to you and grow your business, I give you several examples as well, I think you will get a lot of value out of this video.

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