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sellanythingWant to know the exact message to put in all your marketing to get more leads and make more sales? Of course you do and in today’s post I’m going to share with you 6 steps of how to not only deliver what your audience thinks they need but what you know they need. If you understand this marketing strategy you can sell just about anything…even you know what! In fact lets do that today, lets sell some!

This is what we call Surface and Root Level Marketing

What Your Audience Thinks They Need – Surface Problem and there is What they actually need is a Root Problem

The root solution is what solves all of their problems and pains but the roots we often can’t see and unaware of. So we need to speak to our audience about the surface; which is where our audience is looking and then bring them down to the roots.

Let’s say you want to sell dirt. There are multiple audiences that will buy dirt so who are they?

Step 1: Pick an Audience

2 audiences come to my mind the is the landscaper. For today’s post lets market to Struggling Landscaper.

Step 2: Find their Pain or Problem

A surface level problem for the Landscaper may be: “accounts grass isn’t growing or thriving and I don’t know why!”

Step 3: Offer Promise of Hope/Solution

A surface level marketing message is: “4 Steps To Grow Beautiful Green Grass in ANY Place at ANY Time”

If a Landscaper is having a hard time growing grass and all they want is thick green grass the marketing message will appeal to their needs. What is attracting that audience is the promise of thick green grass – simple right!

Step 4: Value and Pain

Before you deliver any kind of solution or attempt to sell your audience something you need to deliver value. Now one way you can do this is put yourself in your audience’s shoes and feel their frustration, understand and share why what they are doing is NOT working and that its NOT their solution. This stirs up their pain a bit and makes the audience come to a greater realization that they need a different solution.

Now what are the surface level solutions that a landscaper is likely trying to grow thick green grass. They have probably tried something like more fertilizer or adjusting the amount of water they feed the grass and etc. Communicate that those things still aren’t working for them and why. Be sure to address this in your content and information you share with them. This would be great to communicate in a blog post and/or video.

In your content and message explain and share why watering and fertilizer is not enough and this why they are not growing a thick green lawn. What awareness do you need to create for them?

When your audience comes to the conclusion or feels the pain of knowing what they are doing is not working then they are poised perfectly to receive a new solution that will deliver the promise of a beautiful lawn.

Now that you have delivered some serious value you can address the root level problem AND the surface level problem and deliver the root level solution to solve both problems.

Step 5: Present a Solution with Information

A root level solution could be the type of soil the landscaper is using.  The solution for the struggling landscaper is to get some nutrient rich soil to grow a beautiful lawn. But they would have never realized that until they knew that what they were doing was NOT the solution.

Present the solution with information of the result or perceived benefit. You can do this by showing pictures, videos, testimonials, stats, results of others, polls, statistics, and just about anything else that demonstrates the truth in your promise. Show how having the right kind of dirt filled with nutrients to feed your lawn is the answer. The struggling landscaper just thought it was fertilizer and water needed to grow a beautiful green lawn and didn’t think that their lawn needed some nutrients to feed on. Now they are aware of their solution, so give it to them!

Step 6: Call To Action (the sell)

Make your call to action to purchase your dirt. For example, “Click Here To Buy Nutrient Rich Soil That Grows a Beautiful Green and Thick Lawn.”

In the previous 5 steps you have done an excellent job of taking your audience’s mind from surface level down to root level. Your audience has gone from, “I want a beautiful lawn,” to “What I am doing to grow my grass isn’t working,” to “I now know and I’m feeling pain that my lawn isn’t growing,” to “I need a solution,” to “I’m going to buy this solution to stop my pain and grow a beautiful lawn to make me happy.” Your audience has traveled from surface level all the way down to the roots where you can deliver truly what a struggling landscaper needs to grow a beautiful lawn. This will result for you in sales of your dirt to landscapers.

When you take the time to effectively communicate by following this 6 step method you can make more sales, get more leads, and effectively help people.


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