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do_you_have_your_sparkleA few weeks ago my wife, members of our team and I were at our company convention,
always a great time of the year! We went to all the keynote speakers, as many classes as we
could and poked around the convention floor where all of the products are showcased, especially
the new ones which they are coming out with.

On the third day of the convention, my wife and I took one class that really hit home. The title of the
class was “Do you Sparkle?”  We had absolutely no idea what to expect or really what it was about.

The music was playing, people were talking. In fact, there were probably 500-600 in the room. So, you
can imagine how loud the the room was with all the talking and music playing.. Then one of the hosts
announced the speaker. This lady is one of the top leaders in our company and has been for about 4 years.
We have met several of them, but not this lady.  She is well put together and begins to tell us her story (always
tell you story when you begin and presentation or class), It was intriguing!!  After she was done with her story
she asked us…

Do you Sparkle?  Finding your sparkle is important!!  But Why?

What did she mean by that?   Well sparkling is the energy which you put off on to others. It comes from the inner
you. Basically, how you feel about yourself! What attitudes do you have! How do you react to things and situations
around you. What makes you feel good and happy!!

Take a deep look into yourself and really think about where you are and what you want!  If you’re not sparkling you need
to figure out why. Find who you are, what makes you happy, what are you passionate about!  Surround yourself with people
who want the somethings and think the same way..

Once you find your sparkle, you will be amazed at how all of a sudden you are connecting with more people and more
people are attracted to you..



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