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The difference between an Entrepreneurs and Employees mindset is drastic, and depending on where you fall on the spectrum, will either make or break your success in this field.

One of the biggest reasons I think so many people fail is the fact that they come into this industry with an employee mindset which puts an invisible lid on what they’re able to accomplish, and what they’re expectations are.

There are two KEY differentiators between the two mindsets:


  1. Employees would rather get paid an hourly rate, while Entrepreneurs would rather get paid based on results

Entrepreneurs understand that it’s physically impossible to create wealth through trading your time for money, and so instead of trading their time for a fixed hourly rate, they usually spend their time building systems that will work for them and create revenues for their business whether they’re actively working or not.

Again this way of thinking means more risk, but also potentially much more reward. If the Entrepreneur screws up, (which most of the time they do, as even the most successful entrepreneurs fail more often than they succeed) it means that they invest hours of their time with zero return. On the flip-side, when they get it right, the return is much greater than any (or most any) hourly salary would afford them, and they get to live their lives on their own terms.


2. Entrepreneurs seek freedom, Employees seek security

Entrepreneurs are willing to put themselves on the line, take huge risks, and work there tails off in the pursuit of personal freedom. The thought of having a boss tell them what to do, having to work a 9-5, and being told what to do when goes against all of their morals. This leads the Entrepreneur to take huge risks, and walk a fine line of security less abundance. A tight rope if you will. This mindset also leads to Entrepreneurs often times not saving as much money as Employees until they’ve reached a certain level of income. Instead of saving, they’re more worried about being able to INVEST HEAVILY in their highest returning assets in order to create explosive growth.

On the flip-side, Employees will do anything to avoid risk, and ensure security. A boss telling them what to do, a fixed 9-5, and an inflexible lifestyle is a price they’re willing to pay for that security. Employees tend to have a “lack or poverty” mindset when it comes to money and abundance, and as a result tend to save as much as they can in order to minimize risk.

While employees often times don’t have to experience the sensation of stretching their comfort zones, they also don’t get to experience the vast abundance of the world, as they’re always trading their time for money.

Conclusion: In not wanting to take risks and in seeking a “safe” life, Employees greatly hinder their overall potential. While Entrepreneurs, in taking risks and putting themselves on the line give themselves the chance to live an overall MUCH MORE FULFILLING LIFE.

Something to take note of: It’s very, very possible to shift into the Entrepreneurial mindset if you’re not already there. You don’t need to be born with it, or have all the traits of an Entrepreneur come naturally to you. Its about stretching your comfort zones over and over and over again until eventually things that felt miserably uncomfortable feel second nature.

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