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Blog-11-23-Vitaliy-DubininIn todays blog post I would like to share with you 4 steps to sponsor up to 80% of the people you talk to by Vitaliy Dubinin. He is one of the foremost leaders in the network marketing space.

If you want to build a highly profitable network marketing business and win your freedom, you have to master the fundamental skill that you are being paid for: the art and science of sponsoring and recruiting. It’s the key to your team duplication and building huge teams, and while it’s not the only thing you are getting paid for, it’s definitely the lifeblood of your business.

In this blog post I’ll share with you the most straight path to getting a YES and outline the 4 steps to predictably sponsor all the people that you talk to directly on skype, on the phone or in person, that can be sponsored and that are a good fit to your business.

Before I begin it’s very important to realize and keep in mind that even though the strategies I’m about to reveal to you are extremely powerful, your business is always going to be a reflection of who you are as a person and as a leader and the value that you bring to the marketplace.

In MLSP we help develop leaders and show people who to become ATTRACTIVEonline, how to develop a vision and share your story and your message, how to provide value into the marketplace and how to sharpen your inner game and build a mindset for success, and it’s 99% of your success so it’s important you stay plugged in otherwise what I’ll share below might not work for you.

The Power Of A Preframe

There is a HUGE difference when you are talking on skype with someone who saw your videos and got value from you, someone who has been following you online for a while, reading your blog posts and status updates on social media and subscribed to your emails, someone who has warmed up to you and began to trust you, as oppose to talking to a cold lead who have no idea who you are. Night and day difference.

The honest truth is that the more successful you are and the more social proof and results you have, the more followers you have online and the more value you created, the easier it is to sponsor people.

People who are coming to you and seeking you out, people who know your story and are attracted to your vision, people who know you are busy and successful, people who admire you, those people are pretty easy to be sponsored especially if you following the following 4 steps, the personal touch kicks people over the edge. That’s why it’s so important that you learn how to become a leader and master attraction marketing that we teach inside MLSP.

With that being said, if you are ready to hustle and you want to get results and start sponsoring people, those strategies can be the key you have been looking for. So let’s say you scheduled an appointment to talk personally or you are calling your leads that you generated.

Step 1 – Build Massive Rapport And Responsiveness On Conscious And Unconscious Levels Fast And Maintain It Throughout The Conversation

From the moment you open your mouth your prospect immediately judges you and sees whether or not you are worth talking to and you can help them achieve their goals.

Rapport is established when your prospects come to the realization that you know what you’re talking about (or asking about). Responsiveness means that when you ask a question your prospect responds to you and does what you suggest he would do. It comes from respect and trust.

In the first 4 seconds of your conversation you must establish that you are sharp, that you are very enthusiastic and you are an expert and the leader they have been looking for. A lot of this is picked up on a subconscious level not just by the words you say, but how you say it, with what energy and tonality. As much as words important, 90% of communication is conveyed through voice and body language.

Every prospect wants to know what it is for me. Every prospect wants to deal with experts and people who are enthusiastic about what they are doing. Does it mean you’ll sponsor someone just because you are enthusiastic? No, but if you are not then you pretty much kill your chances of success.

Your enthusiasm is easily recognizable because you raise your voice and quicken its pace. Your enthusiasm is infectious! An emotional certainty is created in your prospect’s mind and he will think wow this person is enthusiastic and have energy, there is something exciting here. He is a positive person.

Another massively important feeling that should occur in your prospect’s mind is that you CARE about them and have their best interest at heart. Compassion and Empathy are 2 of the biggest emotions that you want to cultivate to succeed in business.

Genuine interest is shown by your listening habits, the way you ask questions and your tonality. We’ll talk about it in a moment.

And finally you want people to feel that YOU are just like THEM, and you actually have a lot in common. They need to feel that you understand them, you’ve kind of been in their shoes, you’ve been in their situation and now you have overcome those challenges and you know the path to success.

You need to keep rapport throughout all of the conversation as well. Really connecting. Telling stories and painting the picture of the future. Rapport and responsiveness allows you to establish your expertise, maintain control over the conversation, ask questions and show that you care.

Your goal is to move people down a continuum of CERTAINTY, transferring a feeling of certainty. At the end of the conversation they should feel certain about you and doing business with you, trust you, and be enthusiastic to get started!

Step 2 – Ask The Right Questions And Find Out Their Core Desire

Asking the right questions and in the right order is key to sponsoring. The person who asks the questions is in control of the conversation.

You want to know more about their beliefs, desires and pain points. People are talking to you because they have a pain they need to get rid of and they have a desire they want to fulfill.

Keep in mind that you’re not selling anything yet. Imagine going to the doctor and before you can say one word about your pain, he writes out a prescription for you. How much faith would you put in this doctor? You’d be wondering, “does this guy even care about me?”

You begin with big-picture questions which are general in nature and thus less invasive. As you build rapport and your prospect opens up, you can begin asking more specific questions.

Finding their core desire is KEY to your success in sponsoring people. Everyone starts a home business for their reasons and what freedom means to them. It’s not about the $10K a month per say it’s what the money can bring them and do for them.

So the more broad questions you can ask:

  • How long you have been in the home business industry?
  • Are you doing it full time or part time?
  • What is your full time job?
  • Do you live by yourself or with family and kids?
  • Have you ever been successful with your network marketing business?
  • Have you ever made money on the Internet?

Get them to start telling you things and open up to you. Your part is to listen carefully, listen behind the words, write things down, show you care and being compassionate and empathetic. Be genuinely interested in them and how you can help.

Then you can transition to their core desire by asking this question: “So what is your ultimate goal? How much money do you want to be making per month that will make all the difference for you in your life?” then shut up. Whatever the number they tell you is not what’s important. Whether it’s $3K a month or $10K a month. You want to find out what is behind that.

So dig deeper and ask “If you were making $10K a month right now, how is your life different?” This question shifts their thinking into a future dream they have in their mind. That’s what they really want. They want to have more time with the kids. They want to travel the world. They want to move out to different house. They want to give their kids what they deserve.

Now you can really dig a little deeper, and ask “why it’s important to you?”, “What freedom means to you?” and show that you care by saying “Wouldn’t it be awesome to do X and have Y”. Also you want to encourage them to see that it’s not about this ultimately. It’s about the person they will BECOME in the process, helping people win their freedom and inspiring people.

When you know someone’s core desire and their why, it’s a lot easier to influence them to make the decisions they need to make to change their life. You have leverage. Also you show them that you care because you took the time to listen. Also you showed them that you are an expert in your field and you don’t waste time, but ask very important questions. Really feel what drives this person.

Step 3 – Qualify Them For Your Time, Find Out How Serious They Are And Give Them Logic

Now it’s time to show them your LEADERSHIP. The truth of the matter is they came to you and they need help. There is a reason why they have told you why they want to succeed at building their home business.

If you are an expert and a leader, you don’t have time to really explain to them every single detail of the business. What you want to see at this point is whether or not this person is the kind of person that YOU would like to work with. You have the choice to work with someone or not, you hold the power.

Maybe after a couple minutes you’ll understand that this person is not someone you want on your team then you would discontinue the conversation. It’s fine. You don’t need anyone.

Find out how serious they are about their dreams. Ask them “How much time can you dedicate towards building your home business on a daily and weekly basis?”

Here is a good way to preframe your value and find out how serious they are: “Alright I can certainly help you achieve those goals. I’ll be honest with you I’m pretty busy, I have a lot of people I’m working with and if I’m going to dedicate my time and energy and attention and coach you how to make $X so that you can (XYZ fill in the blank what they really want) I want to make sure that you are the kind of person that is serious about your success. That you say enough is enough, I’m ready for a breakthrough, my dreams are important to me. Do you see yourself as this type of person that is serious? And how coach-able you are on a scale of 1-10?”

Then after you find out that, ask them “If I showed you exactly what you need to do to make $X a month that you want so that you can (XYZ fill in the blank what they really want) and it’s the right fit for you, are you open to being coached and trained? Will you listen to my advice or you are going to do whatever you want to do anyways before we had this conversation?”

Listen here to the response, this question shows how much of a credibility you have with this person. You haven’t given them any logic yet, it’s all based on emotions you generate in them so far with your confidence and certainty. People join people who are CERTAIN that can guide them towards success and accomplishing their goals, bottom line.

Now you can give them some logic. Explain what your business is about. Tell them about your team and how awesome it’s working with the team. Tell them they will not be alone and they will be supported along the way. Tell them you have a step by step plan. Explain how it works.

Here are the 4 key states you want to be in during the whole time of the conversation: certainty, clarity, confidence, and courage. You can generate those states at any time!

Step 4 – Give Them A Call To Action, Tell Them Exactly What To Do And Paint The Picture Of Success

Now is the time to tell them what they need to do X and sponsor them. People need someone to tell them exactly what to do, they need a leader that will guide them to success.

Here is the key equation to a successful close: ENERGY IN = BENEFITS OUT

To make an effective close, you want to make getting started (energy in) EASY and immediate benefits HUGE. If getting started is like a decision of buying a pizza and they will get a LOT of benefits, it’s a no brainer.

You want to paint the picture for them of what’s going to happen when they join. So here is an example: “Getting started is easy, it’s just $x. You see the link I just sent you? Go ahead and click on it, fill out the form and then I’m going to tell you exactly what to do next, I’ll hook you up to our team site, our coaching, and you’ll be able to do X, Y and Z, sounds good?” That’s it. Then you want to just solidify the belief in themselves and that you are going to be there for them and excite them about the future. Bring the energy of let’s rock and let’s help you get to FREEDOM.

So there you have, follow those 4 steps and you will guaranteed to sponsor more people in your business or to bring people into our amazing MyLeadSystemPro community. The process is really the same.

Always remember though that it’s super important that you build your brand with your blog, MLSP Sites, provide value and being the type of leader other want to follow and that’s what we teach inside MLSP.


by– Vitaliy Dubinin

MLSP L4 Leader & MMT Member