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Blog-mindsetHave you ever heard people say you must have the “right mindset”? I have but the issue I’ve found is that most people don’t know how to set their mind right. First you need to recognize what your mindset is – positive or negative, offensive or defensive. Be honest with yourself.

What is the power behind Mindset?  “Mind” – your mind is the strongest muscle in your body. “Set” – you have the choice to set your mind in either a defensive or offensive mode. With the right mindset you can take the strongest muscle in your body and set it to power of the offensive mode. You can then have or do anything you wish!. Incredible mindset training here!

If you Set your mind in defensive mode then you constantly have worry, fret and doubt. The result can only hold you back. Set your mind into an offensive mode then you can take massive action and be open to learn new information. If you go through the actions without the right mindset then anyone you are “working” with, professional and personally, can detect your defensive mode.

The results are usually not good and it leaves you defeated with no energy.  Because of this don’t ever text or call your prospect or attempt to build a relationship when you’re not in the right Mindset.  You must first get your Mind Set Right!

You can set your mind into offensive mode by visualization. Visualize yourself taking action and achieving the result you want. For some we have coached getting them to visualize involves creating an invisible switch. With any game there is an offensive and defensive mode.

If your mindset is defensive then create the switch that moves you to “the other side” to offensive. Imagine you have control over the mode you are in – offensive or defensive. Image a trigger you have control over. Simply by pressing the trigger button you can switch your mind into offensive mode like a light when you flip the switch from off to on.

When you are in an offensive mindset and you take action there are positive results. Pretty soon your mindset will switch to offensive easier because it will want to stay there. Maybe you will only have to make the switch once or you may find yourself “switching” back in forth between defensive and offensive. There are some people who jump into the pool and some who slowly ease their way into the pool. Both work. But the goal is to get into the pool!

Another great visualization that works to set your mind into offensive mode is to walk around your workspace, outside or another area where you can focus. Concentrate on breathing in and out and focus on the outcome that you wish to accomplish.  Visualize yourself demolishing all the fear or any negative self talk that consumes you and that holds you back from reaching that goal.Mindset Sunset

As you are in this new space take action that moves you forward to that outcome. Whatever it may be – you may need to make the call that you have been avoiding, register for an event that will help you or learn that new software that will help your business. You know what it is.  So just do it!

Powerful stuff happens in your life when your Mind is Set Right! People around you can tell something about you is different. They can tell in the tonality of your voice, what you say, how you say it, the actions you take and how you carry yourself.  They can detect your power and conviction when you have the right mindset.  This is the space of influence on others to hear why you have to say.

Excitement is contagious and most people need a higher dose of it!

Going to a level you could not imagine is a challenge for everyone. It takes one to break the challenge for everyone. It starts with mindset. Roger Banister broke the 4 minute mile after so many other people in the world attempted for hundreds and hundreds of years.  As soon as he set his mind to do it, 27 other people did it in the next 36 months once they saw it was done by someone else.

 You can do anything you Set Your Mind To, When you have your Mind Set Right!

What you say can affect whether or not you are preparing yourself for a mindset shift. Words are so powerful.  They can set your mind right which then leads to positive action.  The words can vs. can’t.  The word “can” will set your mind right.  Speaking “I can” is part of the mindset process to get in the zone.  When you say “I can” it empowers you, lifts your mind in a state of excitement about the possibilities which then turns to positive action.

Wake up every day and say “I can achieve my goals” and “I am achieving my goals.” They are different, one is saying you can and one is visualizing you doing it. Continue with your affirmations – I can sponsor someone,  I can take daily actions, I can make calls, I can sponsor 1 person per month, per week, per day. I can build a huge team. I can be the leader of my team. I can earn a full time income with my business. Repeat those affirmations and you will have powerful outstanding result oriented day.

Have you ever noticed that you develop similar language as the people you hang around?  If you are around people who say “I can’t” or “you can’t do that” then you believe you can’t. When you say to yourself “I can’t” you destroy every possibility for you to succeed in your business. If you hang around negative people it will cause your mind to be defensive and say stuff like “I can’t do this or that” which cripples your ability to take action.  All that stops right now! You can have a defensive mindset or an offensive mindset the choice is yours.

Once your Mind is Set right to offensive mode taking consistent focused action becomes easier.  Sure there will be days when you just don’t feel like building your business however you must develop a list of absolute must do items each day no matter how you feel so you do at least the minimum.  We have days when we just don’t feel like advancing our business but we’ll always do a few minimum action items that are income producing to move us forward in our business.

Another important key in changing and keeping your mind set in offensive mode is to read positive motivational books. Successful people will do what unsuccessful people weren’t willing to do.  Push through the beginning of this new mind set habit and you’ll start to become the person you’ve always dreamed of.  Ask any successful person what books they have in their library at home and they will say success and business books, motivational, inspirational personal development books.  Why, because leaders are readers.

If you’ve never read the book by Napoleon Hill, Think & Grow Rich you should.  There is a famous quote from the book that goes like this… “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it will achieve”.

Boot up your mind with reviewing your goals and dreams for your future.  You should have short term and long term goals for your life and for your business.  Read them.  Read them over and over in the morning. Then speak positive affirmations over your life to set your mind right.  Do this before you take on the day.  Make this a powerful routine in the morning and you’ll have one outstanding day after another.

Make a conscious decision to create the right mindset for success.  Orchestrate your life on the right foundation and you’ll get your Mind Set Right! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been knocked down in life or in your business and struggling to build a team what matters is that you get back up and continue to move forward.

Visualize the right things, speak the right words, surround yourself around positive people and develop your reading library… and then you’ll create the new you.


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