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Become outgoing prospectingTruth: People buy from people they know, like, and trust. Because of this, one of the fastest ways to get better at prospecting, closing, and recruiting more reps is to increase your likeability. Let’s face it, people like charismatic outgoing people who can make them laugh.

When it comes to cold market prospecting one of the questions I get asked most often is “How do you break the ice and start a  conversation with a complete stranger?”

Although I have several “ice breakers” I can pull from at any given time, the interesting thing is the exact words I use to break the ice and start a conversation are usually different every time because it’s based on what’s going on and what I’m observing from the person I am talking to at that moment.

What I can tell you is what helps me start conversations isn’t the words, but more often my body language and energy. People can tell when I start talking that I’m charismatic, outgoing, and fun. When I talk to anyone one of my initial goals is to make my prospect laugh so they like me… remember people buy from and do business with people they like and who doesn’t like someone who is fun and makes them laugh!

Here’s the interesting thing. I know a lot of people reading this are probably letting their negative self talk get the best of them and are might be thinking to themselves…

“For people like me, it’s different. I’m shy, I’m an introvert, I get nervous, anxious, and sweaty palms just thinking about talking to strangers, never mind thinking of clever ways to make them laugh.”

Hahaha! I hear you loud and clear and have some shocking news for you…

I was once shy, nervous, and scared to death to approach people!

But I wasn’t about to let that get in my way and stop me from living the life I knew I deserved! I vowed to change my personality day by day and guess what it is working for me and it can work for you.

Most people falsely assume that because I’m charismatic and outgoing now, I was born that way… which is totally wrong. The truth is I am what I call today a “practiced extrovert”. Meaning I practiced being more outgoing and extroverted so often that I eventually became that way naturally.

It wasn’t overnight. It took effort, practice, and me jumping out of my comfort zone over and over again until it became natural. But once it became natural it became me and my new identity.

People who are outgoing are more attractive and magnetic to others, have more fun, and people just seem to give them the best of everything life has to offer with less hassle and problems. So, take a good look at yourself and take the steps necessary to come out of that shell. I promise you that your life and your business will benefit from it greatly!

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