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Cold Market MLM Techniques that actually work!

The best way to prospect to the cold market is to bring them into your warm market. Warm market prospects trust you and want to buy or work with you. It is a lot easier to convince a friend to take an action then a stranger.

Since I’ve had done on and offline prospecting I will cover both. I now prefer the internet for cold marketing MLM techniques.

1. Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook, Facebook Groups and Forums allow you to meet and interact with people in a conversational way. I suggest going to where you have an interest or experience. If you love gardening go to a gardening forum or a gardening Facebook group. Make friends and private message people but don’t pitch immediately. Don’t pitch because these people are still cold market prospects.

You can ask after a few questions, what do you do for a living? You can say, oh really, do you like that? They will naturally ask what you do? I tell people that I help people make passive income from the internet. This tends to peak their interest. That is when I send my link.

2. Online advertising.

If you have the budget and your MLM company provides enough compensation, advertising can bring in leads fast. It can also be costly and take a while to get your return on your investment. I recommend a short descriptive website capture page designed to get them to enter their email to find out more. Once they enter their email you will want to give them a guide or video that will help them solve their problem.

3. Offline Marketing

There are a variety of offline marketing methods. You can place newspaper ads, post signs on busy intersections, or provide educational events. I have found that handing out magazines or tools to strangers doesn’t work for me. However it may work for you. I also found that placing flyers on car windows only makes people angry. You can also attend networking meetings and meet people that way.

4. Blog Marketing

Just like social media, you can generate leads from blog marketing. Write articles with excellent useful value. When your content is really good, people will share it and it will go viral. But your articles don’t have to be that great, just as long as you are delivering value. By delivering value your reader will trust you and want to contact you to learn more or find out what you do.

5. Telephone

If you really want to build relationships with top movers and shakers you can create or buy a product that helps train network marketers. Network marketers are always looking for new ways to improve and learn. You can look up their phone number and call them. Don’t pitch your opportunity to them unless they tell you they are looking for something different. At the very least you can make a little money upfront and build a relationship. In fact you should really try to get most of your prospects you get onto the telephone. It is by far the best follow up tool you have in your prospecting!

The key to the biggest earners in the MLM industry are those who have relationships with other leaders in other Network Marketing companies. When a leader decides to join another company they have a list of leaders and customers they have relationships with to call and bring into their business to.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this. The important thing to emphasize is that these cold marketing MLM techniques are designed to make your prospects warm, so that they become more responsive to you.

Did you get value out of today’s post “5 Cold Marketing Techniques!” If so, let me know with a quick comment below, and don’t forget to share on social media!

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