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Are you looking to increase your Facebook Engagement?

Have you been banging your head against the wall trying to figure out why you have 5,000 friends on The Facebook, but you never get any engagement on your posts.

Are you looking to increase your Facebook Engagement?

You understand that to make money in the Network Marketing Industry, you must get eyeballs on you, your presentation, your business. So, what is going on? What are you doing wrong that people are not stopping their scroll to check you out?

Check out these 4 Easy tips to increase Facebook Engagement and get the attention you’re looking for.

1. You have 15 seconds to catch someones attention when they scroll.
Post only 3-5 times a day with valuable content. Do Not spam your business or products, buy one get one..Get yours for $. They will pass right by and won’t say hi. Ask questions to boost engagement, and make sure you reengage with each and every person who commented on your post. This tells The Facebook, your popular and people enjoy seeing your stuff.

2. Comment on 10-20 NEW people’s Facebook post. Don’t just like, but comment, be creative, stand out so they remember who you are. They will then be notified when you go live and post.

3. Engage in private messages with 10-20 people a day. Whether you need to follow up with them, say hey how’s your day going, send a funny GIF. This tells Facebook that you are BFF’s and your posts will filter through their timeline.

4. Facebook Live are you doing them? Want to catch someones attention? First, you must have a catchy headline. Second, use the prop app when appropriate. This makes you live fun, people want to see what your doing and what is going on. Always get right into the content and give a call to action to message you for more information about what you are talking about.
Just like your posts, engage with your comments. It will boost your Live so more people will see it.


What to do to increase your Facebook Engagement!



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