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How to Become More Outgoing in your Prospecting!

Become outgoing prospectingTruth: People buy from people they know, like, and trust. Because of this, one of the fastest ways to get better at prospecting, closing, and recruiting more reps is to increase your likeability. Let’s face it, people like charismatic outgoing people who can make them laugh.


Which Social Media Channel is Best For My Business?

Social Media business

Social media has become an important part of marketing. More and more people are turning to social media to find products instead of searching on search engines. But with so many social media channels to choose from, it’s hard to decide which is best for you and your business.

To help you decide, there are a couple of things you should know first.


What is the six-step decision making process?

Make a decisonIt really boggles my mind that there are so many people in Network or Affiliate marketing industry that truly just can’t make a decision. They are shown or told step by step the things which they need to do in order to succeed. But instead the decide to just do nothing or more of the same which they have been doing. If you want to be successful in anything you do, your must make a decision followed be action!   Action is the true indictor of a decision which has been made. To help those along who are struggling in their businesses because of the lack of decision or action, I have laid out the 6 steps of the decision making process.


Critical Components To Getting Your Mindset Right!

Blog-mindsetHave you ever heard people say you must have the “right mindset”? I have but the issue I’ve found is that most people don’t know how to set their mind right. First you need to recognize what your mindset is – positive or negative, offensive or defensive. Be honest with yourself.


4 Steps To Sponsor Up To 80% Of The People You Talk To

Blog-11-23-Vitaliy-DubininIn todays blog post I would like to share with you 4 steps to sponsor up to 80% of the people you talk to by Vitaliy Dubinin. He is one of the foremost leaders in the network marketing space.

If you want to build a highly profitable network marketing business and win your freedom, you have to master the fundamental skill that you are being paid for: the art and science of sponsoring and recruiting. It’s the key to your team duplication and building huge teams, and while it’s not the only thing you are getting paid for, it’s definitely the lifeblood of your business.

In this blog post I’ll share with you the most straight path to getting a YES and outline the 4 steps to predictably sponsor all the people that you talk to directly on skype, on the phone or in person, that can be sponsored and that are a good fit to your business.