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What our life looks like today is very different than what we thought it would be like just a few years ago.

Working full time, grinding in the medical field as a RN, Kim wondered if this was it? Was this all life had to offer: waking up, going to work, coming home, spending minimal time with her family to do it all again the following day. Living for every other weekend.


Seth has always wanted to be a Firefighter since he was 5 years old. It was a passion of his and still loves the work he does, but as our children are getting older more time freedom is what we desire together as a family.


We always say life happens for a reason and in 2004 Kim was severely injured while working. Unable to return to work, they took Seth’s hobby as a photographer to the next level and he became the most sort after sports photographer in RI. This kept us busy, Kim home and a new business model that became very profitable.


In 2013, Kim found a passion for Network Marketing. It started taking her away from her time helping Seth and this cause some waves within their relationship and their business. Seth, noticing not only his model was declining in our area, the help and aggravation was also a bigger issue that we just didn’t want to deal with anymore.

In 2015, Seth joined Kim in the Network Marketing Industry. Of course in the beginning there was struggles and trying to figure it all out. Making lists of all our family and friends, having parties, making calls and begging anyone who was around us to join our team.

WOW…Have things have changed. We immersed ourselves into every training we could get our hands on, dived into personal development, and went to every company event and generic training events we could. We hired coaching, worked with mentors and then finally began to see our organization take such massive momentum.

We now work with trainers like Ray Higdon, Justin Prince, John and Nadya Melton, Diane Hochman, Erin Birch and Ryan McMorris.

Now we enjoy complete time freedom. We work our business in a few hours a day, where and when we want. The best part is we are teaching others to do the same thing.

We fell in love with Network Marketing, completely by accident. Now it has transformed our lives and so many people around us that we couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

The secret is to align yourself with leaders, don’t get stuck looking for solutions when someone who has been there before can teach you the steps to take. Be coachable, follow the steps and take action.