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How to connect Facebook groups and increase engagement.

How to Use Facebook Groups to Create Engagement and Build Relationships

Facebook Groups are all the craze right now, but there seems to be some confusion on what is the best way to use them.  We are all looking to meet new people and build new relationships inside of these Facebook groups, but there is a certain way to do so.

You want to look for Facebook groups that you can authentically start serving your content in. Let people know what your the “expert” in so they will be attracted to you, follow you and eventually Buy from YOU!

So what is the right way to interact in these Facebook groups?

  • Serve don't sell  The key is to pick only a small handful of groups. Take part in active groups, not spammy groups. You want to be hanging out there consistently and serving your people. You don't want to post and run away, you want to interact, encourage, answer questions and celebrate people's wins. If a person is consistently in there, delivering and building relationships they will remember you and you will be the person they know, like and trust.
  • What NOT to do  Don't try to sell in these groups, people can see right through you when you are trying to make it all about you.  You will only get booted and we don't want that.  So be patient, build relationships with no agenda, when you have something to say people will listen.
  • When you join a  Facebook Group   Read the rules so you know how and what you are allowed to post. YJoin Facebook Groupsou want to develop a relationship with the Admin, let them know who you are.  It is just good etiquette to introduce yourself so people know who you are.  The really good groups are forming themselves as a community.  So the more active you are the better off for you and the group. Serve and assist.  The community will appreciate your contribution.  If they know you exist and are bringing value to them, they will come back to you again and again.
  • Take it Easy  Listen, when you first join these 3-4 groups you don't want to just jump in and start posting like crazy.  First go in and start commenting, engage in what is going on with in the group. You want to come in, say hey to the community and start warming people up.  You want them to know you are going to be interactive in the group by being interactive in the group.  Building relationships are the most important thing to do in the beginning,   Before you jump in and try to take the bull by the horns.
  • Commit to posting  After you start engaging, building relationships and people are starting to notice you, then you can start posting.  Post something Inspirational, a testimony of what has worked for you and tips. Be a solution provider.  Look at what people are asking, what starts to happen is they will start pointing to you as that go to person.

The question is how can you serve your people and go do it.  Hang out in  Facebook groups that are congruent to your message. Build relationships and provide the information they need.

You will soon see how you start growing your following organically and when they know you they buy from you. Start rising to the occasion and see what can happen and learn to How to Use Facebook Groups to Create Engagement and Build Relationships

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