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4 Important Traits of a Leader In a Team

4 Important Traits of a Leader In a Team

Your selection of team leaders for your small business is a key decision that impacts the overall success of the enterprise. Team leaders are essential to executing your vision for your business and in setting the tone for your staff. Effective team leaders can also remove some of the managerial burden from your shoulders, freeing you to concentrate on developing ways to help your business grow and prosper.

Developing into a leader of your team in network marketing is one of the keys to massive success. The decision to become a leader in the team is a key decision that will impact the overall success of your business. By becoming the leader and working with other leaders in you direct team is essential in executing your vision for your business and setting the tone in your community you are developing.
But, what does it take to become a leader?
The road isn't always easy. Trust me, we know. When we first started out in network marketing we were just focused on getting our product and helping a few people get started in their own business. But over time, our focus and vision changed. We made a decision that we wanted to help as many people as possible get started in their own businesses and help those who already have their own business learn the skills necessary to become successful themselves. That is why we started Intentional Success Academy. It is dedicated to helping the online entreprenuer become successful in their business. Head over here to get into our Private Facebook Group!

So what are the 4 Important Traits of a Leader In a Team?

Providing Guidance

Leaders offer guidance to all members of the team to ensure they are fulfilling their roles. Guidance can include training and instructing team members and taking corrective or even punitive actions when necessary. Guidance also involves responding to questions and resolving problems that can hinder job performance. When new direction is given by business ownership, team leaders make sure that team members understand the information and how it impacts their specific roles.

Giving guidance is an extremely important trait to have as a leader. You need to learn how to give guidance to your team which includes training and instructing other members of you team in what their daily tasks, activities, personal development and a host of other skill sets which will be for another blog post. You need to be able to learn who needs what when it comes to running their business. Now in Network marketing things can be a little different then in a cooperation. Why, Because you might be the leader of a team but the other team members is that they have their own business. Now everyone will have different expectations of how big or small their business will be. Some will want to make 7 figures and some just a couple of hundred dollars per month.

Either way you need to be able to guide them along their journey. Help them when they need help and give them what support they need with out actually running their business for them.

Building Morale

Effective team leaders ensure that team morale remains high and that workers are motivated to perform well. Leaders can impact morale by helping to instill a sense of

confidence and trust in teammates so that they take a positive approach to their business and the company they are aligned with as a whole. Leaders can also affect morale by creating an environment of cooperation between team members so that they

4 Important Traits of a Leader In a Teamwork together to achieve team objectives and community objectives instead of only fulfilling individual goals.

Fostering Creativity

A team leader can foster an atmosphere of creativity that can lead to innovation. For example, when telling a teammate what needs to be done for them to succeed intheir business, the leader can offer the flexibility to allow the teammate to determine the methods used to complete the tasks they need, learn the skills they need.  By doing so, the teammate may develop an effective new process that benefits the team as a whole, while giving them a sense of empowerment from making their own decisions about their business.

Promoting Values

Leaders can promote essential values that are crucial to the success of the community. A leader who exhibits honesty and integrity in all their actions and activities, for instance, can serve as a role model for team members to ensure that they will act in a similar fashion and be prodcutive. A leader who admits a mistake and takes ownership of the situation can demonstrate the importance of acting with accountability to the rest of the team. Which will actually help the team grow.

Like I said before, developing into a leader isn not usually something which people just are. They usually have to develop into a leader. They must not only master the skills they need to effectively run their business, but also learn to see what their teammates need in their own businesses. Learn how to guide them, learn how to foster creativity and promote the core values of the community so it can be transferred to other team members. The end goal is to create a thriving community where no matter where someone is in their business they feel supported and apart of the community.

One of the first things you need to do in order to develop into a great leader you need to work on your mind set. Getting you mind set right is probably the one key factor which separates the ammeter from the pro and the hobbiest from the leader. Want a great way to start diving into you mind set? Here is the very training we used when we got started and continue to use. Head over here to


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