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A Little Slice of Life!

Let's chat for just a minute….

I have been slacking on my writing BIG TIME! I have been focusing on things that are not serving me, nor helping with my BIG goals.
YES..I have been out there, doing the mundane. This is not living my purpose, which is to be a BADASS absorbing love, connection, contribution and fulfillment.Kimberly Francis empower women

In the last few weeks, I have been sitting on my thoughts… Wondering WHAT my next step needs to be. How can I serve myself while still serving others?

Thank you, Tony Robbins … “Where Focus goes, Energy Flows”

That is it!!! My focus has been all wrong. Letting the inundate of everyday life… the tiny shit that we all let sit on our shoulders steer my energy away for what my true purpose is.

To INSPIRE, EDUCATE and EMPOWER Women. All the women… whether you are a stay at home mom (Hardest job ever… I feel you!) or driving the corporate ladder, salon owner or store manager. Giving life to what draws me in, absorbing the love and relationships we all yearning.


I am the creator of my own future and so are you.  TAKE CHARGE!!

So what Now?  Brush off your shoulders, stand tall because Shit is going to get real up in here!

Time to live life to its full potential.  STOP dragging your feet, come up with a plan and write it ALL down.  I have BIG plans, Goals that are so Crazy, most wouldn't say them out loud.  Time to really step out of my comfort zone and do the work that most would never do……WHY, you ask?Kimberly Francis

FEAR…we all have it.  Fear of failure, but mostly fear of success.  I love this quote by Brene' Brown, ” We're all afraid.  We just have to get to the point where we understand it doesn't mean we can't also be brave.”

Without even realizing it I have become less and less fearful in business and in life.  It was only recently when I realized the shift, where I have noticed the big stuff and the work, doesn't really bother me anymore.  I was afraid of being me, without any filters.  I am a little wild,

Kimberly and Seth Francis and the team masterminding

carefree and impromptu.  I figured out my authenticity can shine…It is NO longer about me; it is about what I can share and how I help others.

I am making a positive impact on the world and leveraging myself forward for the greatest cause possible.  I knew there was something more for me, I just needed to work out what it was….I knew if I wanted it badly enough if my intentions were authentic enough it would come.

What is YOUR purpose?

Get comfortable being uncomfortable while striving for success.  Live life to it's fullest and do it on your terms.




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