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What are you looking for?Have you ever said to yourself that is it,  I had enough!   I have, many times and I hear it often from others wanting out of the every day grind.  What exactly are you looking for?   More time to spend with your children, more money to pay your bills or just extra to help supplement dance lessons for your kids?  Do you wish you had more freedom to work from where you wanted to be, whether being able to be home with a sick child or just working a hour from the beach.

Both my husband and I had different ways of looking at work until recently.  He was “time broke”  which meant he worked his face off for everything we had.  House, cars, things for the kids, but he had no time to enjoy it.   I wanted  ” time freedom”  which I still work my face off, but I did it on my time.  As a mom and caregiver of our duo I needed to know that I was there every second of every day they needed me.  I still understood that making my own money was important to me, whether it was $500 or $5000 a month, but I needed to do it on my time.

My husband, he just thought of one thing supporting our family, not who is bringing them to gymnastics or picking them up from school or doing projects or who will stay home when they are sick.  See the difference?  Time freedom.

A few months ago, something sparked! He realized he was missing life and we started on this Amazing journey together living each day on our terms.   I think he had a Tony Robbins moment… I have to say it was pretty awesome!

We had a vision of how we wanted life to be, and damn we are going to work 70 hours a week, on our terms and we are going to make it happen.  Our purpose was clear.  We knew why we wanted this lifestyle.  Who wouldn't?  Time Freedom, Financial Freedom,  no more trading time for money.  We were going to set our schedule and we were first priority.Vacationing Family at Beach

So who is ready to take on this journey with us?   Right now is the time to say enough!  Find your “Why”….”Cast your vision”.  Is it strong
enough to light that fire so deep inside of you that nothing can stop you?  Step out and discover your power, start creating a life full of purpose, passion and prosperity.

If you knew you would succeed and had a mentor to eliminate the doubt and fear would you attempt taking a chance into time freedom?  Don't let fear of failure keep your dreams and desires you have buried inside you.  Step forward with with power and move into your future.




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