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Social-Media-Prospecting-101In the past weeks I have had so many people reach out to me asking me so many questions on how I have grown my business on social media in the past year.  I have made mistakes, I have tried many different approaches and I have finally figured out some really great tactics.

Are you interested in marketing your business or opportunity on Facebook, but are confused how to get people to follow you, get more likes and start to have that conversation.

There are a few important rules that must be followed to become successful in this industry… Are you Ready?

  • Have a professional profile picture…when you are trying to connect with people, they are going to check you out.  They do not want to do business with your kids or your cat! Show them you are professional and a leader in the industry.
  • Make sure your about you section is completely filled out.  Again, people are checking you out before they reply to your message.  They want to know who you are, how they can get in touch with you…website, fan page, email. How you can help them, what exactly you do, and why they should join your team.
  • Posting! This is by far the most important.  Follow the 80/20 rule.  80% lifestyle and 20% curiosity posts.  Don't be spammy! People don't like it and you will never get business from it.  The more you post pictures about your business..”Join my business” “Try my product” …you get the point.  Don't tag people in your posts, especially if the people are NOT in the picture.  Facebook doesn't like it.  Be yourself!! Lifestyle posts are the Biggest hit.. that is where you will get the most engagement.  Never, Never… I mean EVER post Negative posts!!  ALWAYS give as much value as possible!  If you don't Blog, find information about subjects that interest you and your readers and share it… You will get more followers with the value you  provide.

Do you need a Fan page?  No..Is it a great idea?  ABSOLUTELY!

In your fan page is where you really can start Branding yourself as a leader in your target market.  This is where you increase your value posts at least 3 times a day and curiosity post once a day.  Always show your followers how YOU can help them, why they should follow you and eventually join your team.  Again, NEVER spam on this page.  If there is a special or a new release, yes this is the place to post, but be tactful and follow with value.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Do you want to know how I find and contact at least 10 quality leads a day?  I have just learned some NEW strategies that have me building relationships with qualified prospects daily.  Are you investing time and money into yourself and your business or are you just waiting for it to happen?


Head over HERE for a webinar by Jessica Higdon, One of the best at Social Media, if you would like help recruiting for your business and mastering social media.  Today is the day, to take your business to the next level…..ARE YOU READY?

Did you get value out of today’s post “Do you know how to Market on Facebook?” If so, let me know with a quick comment below, and don’t forget to share on social media!

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