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Facebook Challenges for Lead Generation in 5 Simple Steps

If you've never heard of ‘Facebook challenges' before to get leads and grow your business, you are not alone. This case study and tutorial will show you how to take advantage of Facebook challenges for lead generation today.

This is a new strategy, innovated by a few of our savvy leaders inside MLSP, and the results that they're getting in their businesses with ‘Facebook challenges' are astounding.

Want some examples of success with this strategy?

  • Michelle signed up 32 Brand New Team Members in 24 Hours for her business!
  • Lisa generates hundreds of leads EVERY WEEK for her business, with MULTIPLE NEW CUSTOMERS and SALES PER Week! (Plus she ranked advanced 3 times in 5 months…which is not easy!)
  • Jen pulled in 317 leads in 1 DAY from one POST, and consistently gets sales & sign-ups with FREE ‘Facebook Challenges.'

Want Even More Proof of How Effective Facebook Challenges Can Be?

Check out what some of their students of this strategy have been able to do!

Facebook Challenges Results

The best part is once you learn how to use this strategy TODAY, you'll have a massive advantage over your competition, and a way to quickly grow ANY online business.

What is a Facebook Challenge?

The idea of a Facebook Challenge is to get a group of highly-targeted prospects for YOUR business together… and get them all into a private Facebook Group that YOU run.

Inside this group during the challenge (often 5 to 10 days), you take them through a series of tasks where you show them how to do something that THEY would see as valuable… bite-sized pieces of VALUE that addresses their biggest challenges and solves their biggest problems. And YOU are their leader throughout the challenge.

* Don't worry…we'll show you how to target YOUR best prospects and target audience in this article…

The group will be challenged to do something each day that they don’t know how to do, or wouldn't normally do. Something to take them closer to their goal in whatever topic your challenge revolves around.

Each day of the challenge will build upon the task from the day before, helping them achieve some desire or goal, creating small victories, and celebrating each victory within the group!

It's like having a group of accountability partners pushing each other for faster growth – and accountability partners have been proven to work!

All of the above makes them LOVE and TRUST you… and if the challenge is executed properly, at the end of the challenge… your challengers are magically ready to buy your products and / or join your business!

It's the law of reciprocation, one of the greatest influence laws on the planet… and it works every time!

The Facebook Challenge Process

Why You Should Be Using Social Media Challenges for Lead Generation?

In particular, the Facebook challenge strategy is actually a brilliant and innovative way to achieve many different things at once for your business.

The main thing of course is to bring in a flood of targeted leads each and every single week.

You’ll bring these prospects into a private environment where you’ll build rapport. A rock-solid bond because you are giving your audience what they want, and you are leading them closer and closer toward their goals.

Within 5 Days of Your Facebook Challenges, You Have a Group of Prospects That LOVE You…

There's a great quote by legendary marketer and copywriter Dan Kennedy that says:

Dan Kennedy Quote

In other words they're looking around for a leader to follow. Someone to nurture them, and show them the way. Facebook challenges are the perfect place to do exactly this!

It also allows YOU to step into that leadership role, which may not yet be comfortable for you… and is why this process will be a life-changing experience for you as well.

Inside these FB challenges your challengers will be in a consistent process of progress every single day. You're instilling confidence in them where they say “YES, I CAN DO THIS!”

You are providing value, building relationships, and stepping into a leadership / authority role.

It's the basis of attraction marketing and this is precisely why Facebook Challenges work.

Challenges also provide your people with “community,” and there is no stronger feeling your prospects can feel IF your goal is to turn prospects into customers, sign-ups, sales, and reps!

Facebook Challenges Give You More Insight Into Your Audience in 5 Days Than You Could Learn in a Year!

You'll quickly get to see, first hand what your prospects want, need, fear, like, don't like.

This information will be GOLDEN for your next ‘challenge,' and the ‘challenge' after that. It's the ultimate marketing research, because you have a direct view of your community sitting right in front of you.

  • You'll be able to see what they respond to…
  • What they don't respond to…
  • What their sticking points are…
  • What makes them uncomfortable…
  • What excites them…
  • You'll see their objections in real time…

And best of all…you'll get to see what works and what doesn't work from one 5 day challenge to the next. Which will perpetually increase your success.

What Types of Offers Can You Market with Facebook Challenges?

The short answer is that the sky is the limit.

Your challenge, and the product that you promote at the end of your challenge, will be specific and congruent to the outcome YOU want (which is to not only provide value, but turn your challengers into BUYERS).

Here's a few ideas just to jog your brain a bit…

  • MLSP membership (you could train your audience daily about the importance of Attraction Marketing… choose a different concept to dive into each day… and then offer the MLSP test drive at the end of your challenge, for example)
  • Your MLM
  • Affiliate Products (any niche)
  • Your Own Products (any niche)
  • A Coaching Offer
  • Health and wellness Products from Your MLM

It all depends on YOUR unique business!

5 Steps to Using Facebook Challenges to Grow Your Business

So now let's get into the meat and potatoes of the Facebook Challenge strategy. How do you host a challenge, get prospects to the challenge, and create sales for your business with a challenge?

5 Steps to a Facebook Challenge

Step #1: Call to Action (Start with the end in mind)

It's important that you know exactly where you'll be sending your prospects at the end of your challenge: to buy your products, services, OR join your business.

Without knowing this you cannot create an effective challenge that will result in the maximum amount of sales and sign-ups.

Your offer at the end of your challenge must be congruent to your challenge… 

Something where they can master the subject material from the challenge, or take it all to the next level, by buying your products & services.

It's imperative that you get crystal clear on what you'll be selling, and completely understand your product. You must know exactly how your prospects will benefit, which will help you structure your challenge as well.

Here are some questions you'll want to ask yourself before you begin your challenge…

  • What do I want to sell?
  • Where do I want to lead my prospects?
  • What do they need to believe to join my challenge?

Step #2) Identify Your Target Market

Now that you know WHAT you're selling through your challenge, it's time to find WHO you're going to sell it to.

In other words, who will be the targeted prospects you'll be bringing into your challenges? To understand this clearly….here are a few questions that need to be answered!


MLSP Customer Avatar PDF

To get you started with defining your target market, you can download this Customer Avatar Worksheet that should get the mind working on figuring out exactly who your content should be targeting. These are just a few of the questions you should be asking, but once you get these down, you are well on your way!


 Who Are you Speaking To?

Are these network marketers? Affiliate marketers? Health minded people? People who love to travel? Parents who want to use only natural ingredients?

Who is your Target Audience?

The more you drill down here, the better chance of getting your audience into your challenge group, and then turning your challengers into customers!

What are Their Pains and Struggles?

Marketing is essentially solving a problem. People buy things to make their lives better. So for your specific target audience, what are their biggest challenges, problems, and pains?

Once you understand the perfect target audience your ‘Facebook Challenge' serves, and you understand their pains, YOUR CHALLENGE MUST PROVIDE THE PAIN-KILLER!

Watch the Video Below to Make Sure You Completely Understand Step #2

Step #3) Structure Your Facebook Challenge

Now that you know what your call to action will be at the end of your challenge, and the target market that you will soon invite into your challenge, it's time to structure your challenge so that things run smoothly.

So what will your challenge actually include for your challengers? What will you be teaching and training on? What types of things will you be having your challengers do each day?

REMINDERThis challenge is about THEM getting better at something, or learning a particular skill-set, or doing something that gets them closer to THEIR goal (whatever that might be).

After doing the work in steps one and two, you probably have a much better idea at this point.

Don't Overcomplicate It.

You want this to be easy for your challengers so they achieve some instant success. Even if they’re small. This boosts their confidence in both themselves and in YOU as their leader.

So don't make this brain surgery. Give them simple things they can complete to get small instant results that move them closer to their end goal!

Make It Easy on Yourself As Well!

If it's overwhelming for YOU, it will be overwhelming for your challengers. And if they get overwhelmed and bogged down, they won't do it. Which means they won't take you up on your offer at end either.

Pick something that you know you'll be comfortable with and that you can easily lead your challengers through.

EXAMPLES of Social Media Challenge Ideas:

  • Facebook LIVE Challenges
  • Body Transformation Challenges
  • Instagram Challenges
  • Breaking Through Negative Beliefs Challenges
  • Video Marketing Challenges
  • Being a Better Parent Challenges
  • Twitter Challenges
  • Health and Wellness Challenges (Meal Planning)
  • If you already have a network marketing team, you could create a challenge for your team that forces them to actually USE the company's product… and then you would have an army of people who get results on the product in a week, and you would have testimonies, proof, excitement, and massive momentum in YOUR organization… your team would be on FIRE, and your business would ignite!
  • Any challenge for YOUR niche that you can come up with and facilitate!


2 Reasons You Can Start Your First Social Media Challenge Even If You're Brand New!

If you're thinking that you can't teach something inside a Facebook Challenge because you're not yet a successful $5-Figure Per Month earner… STOP IT IMMEDIATELY – it simply isn't true.

If you know a little bit more than your audience on a particular subject, YOU ARE QUALIFIED TO RUN A FACEBOOK CHALLENGE!

Reason #1: You Know More Than You're Giving Yourself Credit for Right Now!

Too often we get bogged down in thinking about all the stuff we don't know how to do… Yet we forget all the things we do know how to do, and how to do well!

  • You have skill-sets
  • You have experience
  • You know how to do certain things well
  • You have VALUE
  • You have talents, and people will pay your for your advice
  • You are enough… you are more than enough ?

For instance, maybe you're a whiz with microsoft office, or powerpoint… maybe you know how to create beautiful looking instagram pictures with Canva… maybe you know how to create a Facebook fan page…

These are skill-sets people in your audience would pay to learn because they want your skills!

STEP-UP! Let go of your limiting beliefs! And get to work!

Break out a pen & paper, and start taking inventory of stuff you actually know how do!

And YES, you are ready to do a Facebook Challenge!

Reason #2: Is There Something That You WANT to Learn But Haven't Learned It Yet?

There's another awesome way that you can start a challenge, even if you really don't know anything (Yet!)

Let's say you like the idea of using Instagram in your marketing, but so far you've only posted pics of your kids and vacations.

Do you think your prospects would be happy to go along for the ride with you as you learn? They most certainly would.

And once you've learned the new skill (with a little help from your new friends) your next challenge will be that much easier. This is a perfect way to grow your tribe, promote your brand, and get sales and sign-ups WHILE you're learning. Win/win!!

FYI: the authenticity & vulnerability that will come across in this challenge will create a bond between you and your challengers like you wouldn't believe… and this will convert into sales for your business like wildfire!

How Long Should Your Facebook Challenge Be?

The first FREE Challenge should be shorter.

5 Days is easiest for this challenge. Too long can be overwhelming for everyone involved. Plus shorter challenges let your challengers feel a sense of accomplishment quickly, which again, just makes them love YOU more.

The great part is this only requires 15 to 20 minutes of content a day on your part… Facebook LIVE, word documents with instructions to take action, a free zoom webinar, WHATEVER!

The rest of your time can be spent on connecting and building relationships with your challengers, supporting, answering questions, and celebrating your challenger's wins…

What Kind of Value Will You Provide During Your Facebook Challenges?

What does a challenge week look like inside your Facebook group?

  • You tell them what to expect on Sunday
  • You Go LIVE in the group everyday thereafter (15 to 20 minutes)
  • You give them tips regarding whatever the challenge is about
  • Give them 1 Action to Take every single day… so they start moving their business forward!

Everything inside this challenge is all about giving them pure content & value daily with an action step so they see YOU as the leader of the tribe.

And make sure you hold them accountable to do the tasks that you put forward… even when that means getting out of their comfort zone!

Watch Below as Jen and Lisa Explain Step #3 In Detail…

Step #4: Your Facebook Challenge Giveaway (BONUS)

Everybody loves a bonus, and everybody loves the person who gave them a bonus. Don't you?

The bonus is a way for you to add more value to your challenger's journey.

It's important however to realize that it's about quality not quantity. In other words, your Giveaway should not be a huge Ebook that will take days to consume.

It needs to be easily consumable with tips that your challenger can use right away either during their remaining days within the current Facebook Challenge (or the next challenge for those who join you or buy from you).

Your Bonus should be congruent to your challenge, should build on it, and should have only ONE big thing for them to take away. In other words, give them something that packs a punch. Something that will help them see some sort of immediate WIN!

What Types of Bonuses Can You Give Away…

Facebook Challenge GiveawaysStep #5) Promote Your Facebook Challenge!

Now that everything is pretty much ready to go, it's time to promote your challenge. After all, people will likely not just stumble upon your challenge by accident.

You must get in front of your target market. You now know who they are, and what they want.

All that's left is to find out where they hangout online, and to make them aware of your Facebook Challenge Group.

Some of the places they may be hanging out would be the usual suspects like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn.  And don't forget about any existing email list you might have already, or any business partners you have formed that may help promote your challenge!

Using Facebook Groups to Promote Challenges

One great place where the Facebook challenge creators have had success with is inside different niche groups on Facebook. These are sometimes known as SPAM groups, which may sound bad at first… but inside a group full of ‘SPAM,' links, and offers, this pure value Facebook Challenge really stands out!

While everyone else is in there spamming you can create posts where you'll share some real-life experience using STORY.

Stories pull people in, especially when your story is hitting on the same pain points that they've experienced or are experiencing in their lives. This is the ultimate form of Attraction Marketing that MLSP teaches every single day.

Tips for Posting Inside Facebook Groups…
  • Use a graphic to grab attention and stop people from scrolling…
  • When people respond to your post, tag them (use a cute imoji to build rapport), and send them a private message (Make sure you tag them first or you run the risk of Facebook jail!)
  • Make a good first impression that you're actually trying to connect with them, and not just spam them like everyone else.

As more people comment on your post, your post goes to the top.

Watch the Video Below of Someone Who's Filling Up Her Challenges With Red-Hot Prospects As She Explains It In Detail…

Use Story Ads on Your Own Page

Of course as you're building your audience, you'll start getting people to your own Fan Page. You can post a story ad there, and then boost & target that post to reach even more people in your target audience.

Here's a 4 Part Story Ad FORMAT That's Working Great for Those Successfully Using This Strategy Now…

  1. I was at struggling with my own business.
  2. I almost quit.
  3. Then I found ‘X' and OMG it worked.
  4. And not only am I getting results, but others are too!

How to Transition People from the FREE Facebook Challenges to Your Offer!

So the transition is actually quite easy.

You've already got a community of people who look at you as a leader. You've given them immense value, and you've gained their trust. Therefore they want to continue following you.

Not to mention that they've just made a massive leap toward their goal, and they're looking at you as the person who helped make that possible. Bottom line, they're feeling pretty good about themselves, and about YOU!

So where's the best place to get them to follow you?

Well, since they did so great on that last 5 day challenge, why wouldn't they want to take the next step and go further into a 10 Day Challenge?

Only this time, in order to get into this challenge, they'll have to join your business, or buy some of your products & services… #BOOM!

MLSP PRO TIPAs an example, if you're promoting MLSP, you could teach & train your challengers about ‘Attraction Marketing' (which will easily pre-sell your audience on MLSP)… and at the end offer your challengers the Mastery $10-10 Day Trial. Heck, $100 PER MEMBER PER MONTH adds up FAST!

For instance you could do a new (and PAID) 10 Day Challenge around:

The point is to do a challenge on something that's congruent with your offer. One that will also move them forward with your product or opportunity, so they continue to push closer to their goals.

However, the 10 Day Challenge is for paid members only… THEY MUST BUY SOMETHING FROM YOU IN ORDER TO GET ACCESS TO YOUR NEXT (even more valuable)CHALLENGE!

Some will join you, and some won't. That's okay. Because when this is done correctly, it's insanely effective. And you’ll have plenty of yes’s to outweigh any no’s!

This is exactly how Michelle Conneally signed up 32 Mastery Members inside MLSP in one single day!

Facebook Challenges for Lead Generation Case Study

What If You're Not Promoting MLSP?

It doesn't matter. Because you know your product, service, or opportunity better than anyone else…

And you know who your product, service, or opportunity serves (your target audience)…

And therefore you can create a ‘Facebook Challenge' that provides VALUE to your specific audience…

And at the end of your challenge you lead them to the no-brainer decision that they 100% have to take you up on your irresistible offer and PAID challenge round 2!

Getting Started Immediately With the Facebook Challenges for Lead Generation

All the simple tools that you need are available to you for FREE at

This ‘Facebook Challenge' strategy has been spelled out for you above in great detail.

Now it's up to YOU to take this strategy and run like so many of our students have been doing inside the MLSP Community!

There is no excuse. ANYBODY can do this to build, engage, and sell to your audience starting today. The only thing that would keep you from actually doing this and getting results, is YOU! (and the story you keep telling yourself of why you can't… so change your story today, and go get your results!)

And what's the worst that can happen? You do your first FREE Facebook Challenge, and you have a few disgruntled challengers who didn't like your teaching style… will they tell you they paid too much for your first Free Challenge?!  LOL  ?

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: We want to acknowledge MLSP and honor our friends and rockstar marketers Lisa Reed, Jen Sullivan, and Michelle Conneally for providing the video trainings above so that we could serve YOU, our beloved audience. These 3 powerhouse marketers are breaking records inside of MLSP because of this ‘Facebook Challenge' strategy they have created & perfected. Congrats you 3 on all of your success thus far… and we are just getting started!

P.S. – Got value from this post? Then we would LOVE for you to comment below and share on FaceBook…Research has shown that as you share this  blog post & comment below, the universe will bring amazing things to your life ?


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